Motor Control Center and Power Distribution - Low Voltage Assembly

ELSTEEL South Africa

Elsteel Motor Control Center and Power Distribution Systems (Low Voltage Assemblies) is a patented 200mm grid modular system for the switchboard manufacturing industry, successfully tested to IEC 61439-1/2 up to 7100A 100kA / 1 sec. All major brands of breakers, contactors, relays etc., fit perfectly into the Motor Control Center and Power Distribution system.

Motor Control and Power Distribution

Motor Control and Power Distribution


The ELSTEEL MCC (Low Voltage Assembly) is modular in steps of 200 mm increments in all three directions, which means that there is no limit to the possibilities and positions.

The strong framework is made from 2mm electrogalvanised powder coated steel profile that forms a 25mm grid which can be arranged in an unlimited number of ways.



The busbar system of the Motor Control and Power Distribution system incorporates the use of 10 mm thick flat bars in either copper or aluminium. The holders are made from special formulated plastics, and can be mounted in any position inside the framework.

Separation plates divide the panel into any form of segregation you wish, Up to Form 4b.

Fully Withdrawable
This is beyond doubt the fastest and most successful way of changing starters. The heavy duty solid stainless steel mechanism ensures many years of reliable operation. The optional digital diagnostic display informs the operator of the different positions of the drawer, as well as temperature / amps / voltage / r.p.m.s. etc.

Form 3 + 4
With these separation plates installed it is possible to work in one section of the panel board while the rest of the panel is live. Separation plates prevent foreign objects or particles resulting from a short circuit in one section, to contaminate the whole panel. Thereby preventing the risk of complete panel damage.

Arc Faults
Arc Filters have been included in the design of the separation plate. Once you install the standard chimneys - your enclosure is arc safe. This means that no flames or solid objects will explode towards the operator in front of the panel.

Testing and Finish
Each and every panel is tested by the panel builder/ integrator in accordance with specifications from the Constructors Manual and the routine test specified in IEC 61439-1 before shipment.

The surface of the panel is powder coated in textured finish. It’s easy to maintain and will look as new for many years. The standard stock colour is RAL 2000, and the frame black. The mounting plates are Galvanized and the colour can be customized to the client’s requirement.

Phosphated and chromepassivated pretreatment makes the panel suitable for tough tropical conditions.

Degree of protection of the Motor Control and Power Distribution system is up to IP55

For more information regarding the ELSTEEL Motor Control and Power Distrubution System (LV Assemblies) contatct us or send us an online enquiry

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