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1. Incremental Encoders (Leine & Linde) - Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoders | Solid Shaft Incremental Encoders
2. Incremental Encoders (Talheim) - Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoders

Being a business owner, you need to come to the realization that you must do absolutely everything you can to gain an edge over your industry competitors. One way of doing this is by using incremental encoders, a specific type of rotary encoder which can be used together with the rest of your mechanical devices. Incremental encoders generate a series of counts or pulses as it rotates. You will thus be able to measure the exact number of times that a shaft spins. Not only will incremental encoders facilitate your job, but it will also make you look much more professional, especially when customers or clients visit you. This is exactly what you want though, seeing as it can place you ahead of your industry competitors. The output of incremental encoders is measured in pulses per evolution. These pulses are subsequently used to either measure speed or to keep track of position. If you regard this as being an important feature and something that you can most definitely make use of, consider purchasing all your incremental encoders from ATI Systems.

Incremental Encoder (Leine & Linde)

Leine Linde Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoders
Leine Linde Solid Shaft Incremental Encoder

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Incremental Encoder (Talheim)

Talheim Incremental Rotary Encoders

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ATI Systems are reputable South Africa suppliers of high quality Incremental Encoders

Due to the fact that we understand your desire to be the best in your industry, the staff working at ATI Systems does our utmost to ensure that we only supply you with high quality products, among which incremental encoders, on a continuous basis. You cannot expect to gain an edge over your industry competitors if you still use old and outdated incremental encoders though. For this reason, you can purchase the most technologically advanced incremental encoders from ATI Systems because we only supply products that have been manufactured by reputable manufacturing companies.

Two of these companies that we order our incremental encoders from are Leine & Linde and Thalheim. Both of these companies put a lot of emphasis on incorporating the latest trends and technology within the incremental encoders they manufacture. It should be quite obvious that incremental encoders need to be continuously updated and as such will improve over time. Thus by choosing ATI Systems as your primary supplier of incremental encoders, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you will only use high quality products throughout your business.

Being able to use high quality incremental encoders will present many benefits to your business.  One of these is the fact that your business will have a much more professional look and feel to it than before. It will thus be easier to attract new customers or clients. The second involves becoming more streamlined in your business operations. The way in which incremental encoders are meant to operate makes it easier to detect what precisely is happening at what kind of pace.

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