Safety Bumpers

Safety Bumpers

Safety Bumpers are used to prevent a collision between the operator and vehicles or mobile machines. The safety bumper absorbes the impact and sends a signal to stop the machine. Safety Bumpers are used on AGV trolleys, mobile platforms for airplanes, automated store rooms etc.

Safety Bumpers Safety Bumpers

Safety Bumper Features

Safety bumpers are the latest innovation for safety on transport vehicles or on moving machinery that can crash and harm employees. This safety bumper utilizes a highly durable and flexible thermoplastic material which when pressed, closes the internal sensors.

Technical Characteristics of Safety Bumpers

  • Zinc steel frame for fixing to the machine
  • Aluminum plate to close the bumper and to fix the ribbons
  • Corp on poliuretanic foam
  • External housing:
    - Standard with water proof tissue
    - Special with anti-flame to resist to melting metal
    - Special design with PVC cover for out-side installation i.e. for tripod
  • Colour black with oblique yellow lines on front
  • Activation force 5-7 Kgs
  • Electrical circuit 1 A 24 volt d.c.
  • Chemical resistance: good for water - acid - base - alcohol - solvent ect.
  • Cable for power 5 wires L = 3 m
  • Water tight IP 65
  • Temperature 0 - 55 C °
  • Actuating distance about 10-30 mm (depending from dimensions)
  • Compression of the housing before contact closure occurs: depending on depth of bumper. It is very important to avoid the collision with operators.

Safety Bumper Applications

  • Pallets wrap machinery
  • Automatic guided vehicle
  • Large moving equipments
  • Work platform
  • Telescopic arms
  • Mobile platform for airplanes
  • Other similar applications

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