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1. Absolute Encoders (Leine & Linde) - Hollow Shaft Absolute Encoders | Solid Shaft Absolute Encoders
2. Absolute Encoders (Fraba) - Hollow Shaft Absolute Encoders | Solid Shaft Absolute Encoders

Absolute Encoders (Leine & Linde)

Leine Linde Hollow Shaft Absolute Encoders

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Absolute Encoders (Fraba)

absolute optical rotary encoder CANopen DS 401 hollow

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absolute optical rotary encoder CANopen DS 401 Get a Quote
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Absolute encoders are one of the main types of rotary encoders available on the market.  It should come as no surprise then that, being a reputable supplier, ATI Systems also stocks a wide range of absolute encoders.  This type of rotary encoder is quite popular due to it having a unique value (be it binary count or voltage) for each and every mechanical position.  When absolute encoders are turned on, the position thereof is also known.  This is in contrast to some of the other types of rotary encoders where their position is not always known.  As a result of this being the case, absolute encoders can be used directly to indicate its actual position.  It also generates an output signal in digital bits, with each bit corresponding to a known position.

Chances are that your company also utilizes absolute encoders for some of the business operations taking place within your factory.  However, due the difference in quality of the absolute encoders being manufactured nowadays, it could happen that you end up purchasing a low quality product.  This will reflect quite badly on your business’ image, and you will be unable to attract new clients or broaden your customer base as a result.  This will also enable your industry competitors to lure away your existing clients or customers.  However, by making ATI Systems your sole supplier of absolute encoders, you will be the one who is in a position to become an industry leader though.  You will be surprised at the positive effect the absolute encoders you purchase from ATI Systems will have on your business operations.

ATI Systems only stock high quality Absolute Encoders

Due to the important role absolute encoders fulfill in various business operations, you should never settle for second best.  Even if higher quality absolute encoders cost more, you should keep in mind that a higher quality product will generate more profits for you over the long term.  ATI Systems only supply absolute encoders that were manufactured by Leine & Linde and Fraba; definitely two of the most reputable manufacturers of these products.  As is the case with you as our potential client or customer, ATI Systems are also competing against numerous other suppliers of absolute encoders.  Thus if we do not stock high quality absolute encoders, chances are you and other businesses in need of it will seek and make use of the services of our competitors in the market.  That is why we only supply absolute encoders and related products from Leine & Linde and Fraba.

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