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Within any electrical panel, there are a number of elements and components that each play its part on producing a fully and safe functioning electrical panel as sold by reputable electrical panel distributers in South Africa.  Here is some interesting information on the contents of an electrical panel.

Electrical panels form a vital role within the electrical field as its purpose is to provide continuous power to a structure when the main supply is out of order.  There are two types of electrical panels in South Africa being the AMF panels and the PD panels.

AMF Panels – power supply for electrical panels in South Africa:

AMF meaning automated failure control are used within many industrial, residential and commercial areas.  They were designed to provide uninterrupted power supply for electrical panels in South Africa when the main power supply became interrupted.  They are available in both manual and automatic operation and ensure automatic power supply for electrical panels the instant that the main power supply fails.

A few vital features that a quality AMF panel should have:

  • Their backup battery should be heavy duty and able to last for an extended time.
  • They should be manufactured with general faultless high-performance in mind.
  • They must be dust, dirt and corrosion resistant.

PD Panels – power supply for electrical panels in South Africa:

PD panels meaning power distribution panel is the main power supply for electrical panels in South Africa.  They are designed to be the main source of power supply for electrical panels in South Africa and are only manufactured by expertise in the field as their quality directly relates to the safety of the supply system.  As the name states, the power supply to the electrical panel is done so by even distribution of current to all the circuits which is then sent to the electrical appliances through a circuit breaker.

A few vital features that a quality PD panel should have:

  • It should be manufactured with durability in mind as the safe distribution of the electricity depends on the quality of the PD panel.
  • High performance standards should be kept during manufacturing to ensure uninterrupted power supply to electrical panels in South Africa.
  • All PD panels should constantly be updated and improved upon according to the needs of the electrical industry.
ATI Systems is proud to supply the full range and sizes of electrical panel power supplies to every industry throughout South Africa.  Phone us today at (011) 383-8300 or enquire online for details on our range of power supplies and all accessories pertaining to the electrical industry.

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