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1. Incremental Encoders (Leine & Linde) - Hollow Shaft | Solid Shaft
2. Incremental Encoders (Talheim) - Hollow Shaft
3. Absolute Encoders (Leine & Linde) - Hollow Shaft | Solid Shaft
4. Absolute Encoders (Fraba) - Hollow Shaft | Solid Shaft
5. Analogue Output Encoders - TWK | Celesco

If you happen to occupy a managerial position within a company, chances are that you also have access to the business’ funds.  This means that you have control over the money used to purchase new products.  Of course, as is the case with any other shrewd businessman, you would have come to the realization that the money spent should be used to acquire high quality products.  Although it will cost more, it is also a fact that high quality products will last a lot longer than their low quality equivalents.  Over the long run, it makes thus more sense to invest in higher quality products.  The same basic principle is also applicable to the engineering industry.

Within the engineering industry, encoders form an integral part of most industrial applications.  As such, a lot of money is spent on purchasing new encoders on a continuous basis.  However, thanks to the engineering team working at Leine & Linde, engineering companies worldwide can now start saving money on encoders by investing in what is known as hybrid encoders.  In contrast to other encoders available on the market, hybrid encoders do not corrode as easily or as quickly.  This can be attributed to the extended lifetime that is guaranteed by Leine & Linde each time consumers were to purchase hybrid encoders.  As the name suggests, hybrid encoders comes fully equipped with hybrid bearings, which basically involves rings of bearing steel and rolling elements of bearing grade silicon nitride.  Aside from being excellent electrical insulators, the hybrid bearings attached to hybrid encoders consist of a higher speed capability and subsequently provide a longer service life than all-steel bearings.

Incremental Encoders (Leine & Linde)

Leine Linde Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoders
Leine Linde Solid Shaft Incremental Encoder

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Incremental Encoders (Talheim)

Talheim Incremental Rotary Encoders

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Absolute Encoders (Leine & Linde)

Leine Linde Hollow Shaft Absolute Encoders
Leine Linde Solid Shaft Absolute Encoder

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Absolute Encoders (Fraba)

Fraba Hollow Shaft Absolute Encoders
Fraba Solid Shaft Absolute Encoder

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Analoque Output Encoders

TWK Analogue Output Encoders
Celesco Analogue Output Encoder

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ATI Systems stocks a wide range of Leine & Linde’s Hybrid Encoders

Due to the fact that ATI Systems understands the importance of your company’s cash flow, we are able to supply you with high quality hybrid encoders that bear the Leine & Linde logo.  The many advantages which hybrid encoders are able to offer your company make it an absolute must-have product.  Although hybrid encoders will initially cost more than the encoders you use currently, it will most definitely save you a big sum of money over the long term seeing as you need not have to replace it so frequently.  Thus instead of regarding Leine & Linde’s hybrid encoders as an unnecessary expense, rather try and view it as an investment of which the benefits will be reaped in due time.  If interested in acquiring high quality hybrid encoders for your own company, do not hesitate to visit ATI Systems, a reputable supplier of all Leine & Linde products.

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Incremental Encoders Absolute Encoders Analogue Output Encoders
Hollow Shaft Leine & Linde Incremental Encoders Hollow Shaft Leine & Linde Absolute Encoders TWK Analogue Output Rotary Encoders
Soild Shaft Leine & Linde Incremental Encoders Solid Shaft Leine & Linde Absolute Encoders Celesco Analogue Output Rotary Encoders
Hollow Shaft Thalheim Incremental Encoders Hollow Shaft Fraba Absolute Encoders  
Solid Shaft Thalheim Incremental Encoders Solid Shaft Fraba Absolute Encoders  
Scancon ATEX Incremental Encoders Scancon ATEX Encoders  

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