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1. Incremental Encoders (Leine & Linde) - Hollow Shaft | Solid Shaft
2. Incremental Encoders (Talheim) - Hollow Shaft

What are incremental rotary encoders?

A rotary encoder is an electro-mechanical component that shifts angular position code of a shaft to analog or digital code.  Also called the incremental rotary encoder, this component is available in two types namely the absolute and incremental encoders.

Absolute encoders are angle transducers as they indicate the current position of the shaft.  Incremental rotary encoders on the other hand provide information about the motion of the shaft itself in terms of sped, distance and position.  Rotary encoders are versatile in their use throughout many different applications including industrial controls, robotics, special purpose photographic lenses, computer input devices, controlled stress rheometers and rotating radar platforms.

Incremental Rotary Encoders Suppliers in South Africa

Incremental Encoders (Leine & Linde)

Leine Linde Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoders
Leine Linde Solid Shaft Incremental Encoder

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Incremental Encoders (Talheim)

Talheim Incremental Rotary Encoders

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Features of incremental rotary encoders:

  • 6 short-circuit protected outputs.
  • IP 67 at housing, IP66 at shaft inlet.
  • 5 Vdc or 9 30 Vdc.
  • Strong housings for harsh weather conditions.
  • Shock and vibration protection.

Different types of incremental rotary encoders:

  • Heavy duty incremental encoders 861 Mill duty.
  • Heavy duty incremental encoder 862.
  • Isolated dual output heavy duty hollow shaft encoder 865 mill duty.

How does an incremental rotary encoder work?

Incremental rotary encoders are designed to keep its position information, which is immediately available upon the application of power, even if the power is taken away from the system.  Therefore the system does not need to be re-set to a calibration point upon the return of electricity.

This is possible through code wheels and gears that measure the fractional rotation and the geared code wheels recording the amount of revolutions of the shaft.  Containing many code rings, it is able to provide data of the encoder position after even one revolution.

As ATI Systems is a reputable incremental rotary encoder supplier, it has become our largest priority to keep updated with the latest technology regarding incremental rotary encoders.  We constantly strive to update our staff with the latest in incremental encoder technological advances for us to be able to offer you only the latest and best quality encoder and electrical components available.  Phone us today at (011) 383-8300 for assistance with your incremental rotary encoder needs.

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