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If you happen to work within the electrical and/or electronic industries, chances are that you are quite familiar with magnetostrictive sensors.  Compared to some of the other electrical and/or electronic components available on the market, Temposonics magnetostrictive sensors play a vital role in the areas where it is utilized.  Due to magnetostrictive sensors being based on magnetostriction, a property of ferromagnetic materials such as cobalt, nickel, iron and their alloys, they are synonymous with contraction and expansion when placed in a magnetic field.  This being the case, magnetostrictive sensors is used mainly when linear position is to be measured.  As such, magnetostrictive sensors sense the position of the permanent magnet (also referred to as the position magnet) in order to determine the distance between the sensor head and the aforementioned permanent magnet.

Our range of Temposonics Magnetostrictive Sensors include Temposonics R-Series - TemposonicsG-Series and the Temposonics E-Series

Magnetostrictive Sensors Temposonics R-Series

Magnetostrictive Sensors (R-Series Analog) Temposonincs R-Series Analog
Temposonics R-Series CANbus
Temposonics R-Series DeviceNet
Temposonics R-Series EtherCAT
Temposonics R-Series Interbus-S
Temposonics R-Series Profibus
Temposonics R-Series RD4
Temposonics R-Series RF
Temposonics R-Series SSI

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Magnetostrictive Sensors Temposonics G-Series

Magnetostrictive Sensors (G-Series Analog) Temposonics G-Series Analog
Temposonics G-Series Analog & Start/Stop
Temposonics G-Series Analog Redundant
Temposonics G-Series Analog SSI

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Magnetostrictive Sensors Temposonics E-Series

Magnetostrictive Sensors (E-Series Analog EH) Temposonics E-Series Analog EH
Temposonics E-Series Analog & Digital ER

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The main components that make up magnetostrictive sensors include a waveguide, a position magnet, electronics, a strain pulse detection system as well as a damping module.  Those of you who work with magnetostrictive sensors on a daily basis will know that the waveguide is the basic part thereof, while the position magnet moves around this waveguide, made possible by its round shape.  Upon determining position, the sensor electronics of the magnetostrictive sensors sends a current pulse (interrogation pulse) through the waveguide in order to start the timer.  This subsequently creates a magnetic field around the waveguide.  As soon as the magnetic field of the position magnet interacts with the magnetic file around the waveguide, a strain pulse is subsequently generated which travels at the speed of sound on both sides.  On the one side the strain pulse is detected by the strain pulse detection system, after which it is processed by the electronics and subsequently converted into electrical pulse.  The pulse traveling on the other side, opposite to the electronics, is damped by the damping module to prevent any interference by the reflections from the tip of the waveguide.

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When it comes to the purchase of electrical and/or electronic components such as magnetostrictive sensors, it is best to conduct business only with reputable suppliers who have been competing within the electrical and/or electronic industries for a number of years already, among which is ATI Systems.  This being the case, ATI Systems possesses over the necessary experience, skills and knowledge to supply you with magnetostrictive sensors that will be hugely beneficial to your business over the long term.  Due to the fact that magnetostrictive sensors are such sensitive electrical and/or electronic components, it can easily malfunction, hence the importance of investing only in the high quality magnetostrictive sensors supplied by ATI Systems.  Although it is true that the high quality magnetostrictive sensors will be more expensive than their lower quality equivalents, you need not worry too much about the cost component, but rather consider the benefits which such magnetostrictive sensors hold for your business.  Thus if you have any needs related to magnetostrictive sensors that must be fulfilled, do not hesitate to contact ATI Systems.

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