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Electrical Enclosures for sale from ATI Systems

At ATI Systems, we have a wide range of the following electrical enclosures available:

  1. Wall Mounted Enclosures (mild steel)
  2. Floor Standing Enclosures (mild steel)
  3. Consoles
  4. Wall Mounted Enclosures (stainless steel)
  5. Floor Standing Enclosures (stainless steel)
  6. Modular Enclosures

When you have an electrical box installed either indoors or outdoors, an important fact for you to be aware of is that you have to purchase and install an electrical enclosure as well. In fact, you should not purchase any electrical box without purchasing an electrical enclosure along with it.  This is mainly for safety reasons which we will discuss below.

As the electrical box will house electrical wires, you should know that there are many reasons why it should be protected.

Mild Steel Wall Mounted Enclosures

Mild Steel Wall Mounted Enclosure MAD

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Mild Steel Floor Standing Enclosures

Mild Steel Floor Standing Enclosure MCD

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Electrical Console Boxes

Console MPC / MPCS

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Stainless Steel Enclosures

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Enclosures ASR

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Moduler Enclosures

Elsteel Modular Enclosures / DB Panels

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Here are some of the most important reasons why you should do so:

  • An electrical enclosure will keep all the electrical wires neatly together and out of sight.
  • It will keep the wires safe from environmental conditions like rain, wind and dust.
  • As electrical cables are extremely dangerous and deadly, the electrical box will keep unwanted hands away from the wires.
  • When there is a storm or harsh winds, the electrical enclosure keeps the wires as well as the connectors secure, thereby preventing any power disruptions to your establishment that would otherwise occur if the connectors are loose and the wires are moving around.

Electrical wholesalers that offer electrical enclosures for sale have a wide array of enclosures which you can select from.  This is due to the wide use of these enclosures in our every day lives.

Some of the areas where electrical enclosures are used include:

  • Residential areas – inside and outside houses.
  • Cabling connector boxes.
  • Machinery control boxes.
  • Alarm system enclosures.

High quality electrical enclosures should be tested and found to conform to the strictest standards before distribution.  This is the only way that it can properly perform its function within the electrical industry.

Here are some of the features that electrical enclosures should possess:

  • Reinforced fibreglass for proper insulation.
  • Full resistance to UV rays.
  • Waterproof once sealed.
  • It should include a latch for easy opening and have an attachment where a lock should be placed for safety reasons.
  • It should be available in any colour, shape and size to add to its versatility.
  • A reputable electrical enclosure company should be able to custom manufacture a electrical enclosure in any solid and safe material so as to suit the interior of your home while still conforming to all strict safety standards.
  ATI Systemsis one of the major suppliers of electrical enclosures in Gauteng and can be contacted at (011) 383-8300 or ask for an electrical enclosures quote for a comprehensive quotation and fast, professional service.

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