ELSTEEL Tops Product Certification and Ease of use

ELSTEEL South Africa

The Elsteel Techno Module motor control and power distribution system is a patented, fully modular product which can be built in 200 mm increments in all directions, precisely to clients’ design preference, without any limitations.

Motor Control & Power Distribution

Great confusion exists about which panel board and switchgear to use to comply with the prescriptions of IEC 61439. Elsteel has tested with all the important switchgear suppliers on the market, removing that uncertainty. The board builder can now concentrate on building panel boards instead of being concerned with whether his board will comply with the standard when presented to the client.

Panels can be built up to form 4b, in any configuration the client may require. This means front and rear access, normal fixed mounting plates and pluggable or fully withdrawable configurations. It is made simple by the comprehensive Elsteel constructor’s manual. Full training is also given at ATI Systems or at the client’s location on how to assemble the simple Elsteel Technomodule system.

Any sized low voltage board from a small sub DB up to giant 4000 A power distribution boards can be built. It has been tested to 100 kA/1 sec, and 50 kA/3 sec.

Verification that Elsteel stands up to an internal arc fault according to IEC 61641 and the AS/NZS 3439.1: 2002 Australian specification has been online on several occasions and passed with flying colours again and again.

The all new patented Elsteel Plug & Power system allows the panel designer to have previously unheard of freedom in designing panels. The Plug & Power board can be modified and rearranged at any stage. Assembly is simple and quick. It is specially suited for increased modularity for clients in the high-end petrochemical industry, waste water plant, power distribution plant and applications where the client requires the ultimate in flexibility and modularity in a motor control system. Complete and total flexibility means that you can reconfigure the panel within the same tier any way you like with fully withdrawable and removable units.

Modularity can sometimes mean a flimsy panel, not suitable for heavy duty applications. The Elsteel system is a robust mechanical product, proven through vibration and shock tests to stand up to even demanding moving machinery applications such as stacker reclaimers, drag lines and ocean-going ships.

To this end, Elsteel carries six approvals of all major insurance underwriters such as Lloyds, American (ABS) and Russian Shipping (RS).

DB with drip coverAcceptance of the Elsteel product is world-wide. Not all electrical panel brands are accepted in all popular export markets. Elsteel is accepted everywhere, complementing the machine builder further in an extremely tough world market.

Panel builders are supported with the Elsteel Panel Designer software package, which is available free of charge from ATI Systems. It is a comprehensive CAD style product, empowering the client to design his panel fully, right down to determining copper sizes, generating parts lists and calculating the cost of the panel. And it only takes minutes!

The product line is available directly from the substantial stock at the ATI Systems warehouse in Wadeville, Germiston. It is becoming the product of choice for many panel builders because of the availability, verification that most switchgear products can be used in the panel, the ease of use and the robustness of Elsteel.


Panel Cooling

Encoders & Position Sensors
Rotary Encoders

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