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Wall Mounted Enclosures in South Africa

Industrial Electrical Enclosures in South Africa

Industrial Electrical Enclosures available from ATI Systems

At ATI Systems, we have a wide range of the following industrial lectrical enclosures available:

  1. Wall Mounted Enclosures (mild steel)
  2. Floor Standing Enclosures (mild steel)
  3. Consoles
  4. Wall Mounted Enclosures (stainless steel)
  5. Floor Standing Enclosures (stainless steel)
  6. Modular Enclosures

When in an Industrial Environment, one would find that it is quite different from a residential environment in terms of conditions and most importantly safety within the industrial sector and when looking at the construction industry,  one must take extra care to safeguard both the site and the contractors on site.  One important factor where safety could determine life or death is with electrical cables.  This brings us to a wonderful safety measure being the industrial electrical enclosure.

When you have an electrical enclosure fitted to a residential home, the main focus would be on unauthorized hands being able to reach the live wires.  This is then compared to the importance of an industrial electrical enclosure being fitted in either a corporate building or a construction site.

There are many hazards when it comes to live electricity which makes it very important for you, when you have installed a circuit board, to make sure that it has been properly protected.

Mild Steel Wall Mounted Enclosures

Mild Steel Wall Mounted Enclosure MAD

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Mild Steel Floor Standing Enclosures

Mild Steel Floor Standing Enclosure MCD

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Electrical Console Boxes

Console MPC / MPCS

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Stainless Steel Enclosures

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Enclosures ASR

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Moduler Enclosures

Elsteel Modular Enclosures / DB Panels

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Below you will find some dangerous conditions that could influence the safety of people as well as the environment:

  • When dealing with live electricity it is very important not to get water near the cables as this could cause electrocution, power outages and even fire.  Proper industrial electrical enclosures should be waterproof to keep out any moisture or water from entering and therewith keep the wires dry at all times.
  • A high quality electrical enclosure should be made from sturdy fibreglass resin which would be able to withstand adverse weather conditions including rain, wind and sand storms.  These conditions would all have an effect on the protection level of the enclosure relating to the live wires.
  • As electrical enclosures have been manufactured to keep many wires or cables at a time, it includes separate compartments where different sets of wires are separately fastened.  Make sure cables don’t touch and that they are properly secured as wires touching could lead to a short or a spark within the enclosure box.
  • A proper Industrial electrical enclosure should be able to be locked with the set of keys being kept only by a responsible person.  This will prevent anyone from touching the extremely dangerous cables.
  • An electrical enclosure should be fitted with the needed accessories for instance a trip switch and an alarm that will be activated as soon as a short occurs.  This could inform the nearest person to immediately switch off the power to prevent a fire occurring.


ATI Systems prides itself on being one of the top Industrial Electrical Enclosure suppliers in Gauteng and can be contacted at (011) 383-8300 for products, assistance and advice on how to keep your electrical cables safe and secure. Ask for an Industrial electrical enclosures quote.

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