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Mild Steel Electrical Enclosures from ATI Systems

At ATI Systems, we have a wide range of mild steel electrical enclosures available:

  1. Wall Mounted Enclosures (mild steel)
  2. Floor Standing Enclosures (mild steel)
  3. Consoles
  4. Wall Mounted Enclosures (stainless steel)
  5. Floor Standing Enclosures (stainless steel)
  6. Modular Enclosures

Mild steel electrical enclosures have been used for many years and throughout many applications as its main feature is to protect various items from exterior environmental conditions and also away from people when used indoors. One of the new technological innovations in mild steel electrical enclosures in South Africa is to protect electrical cabling both indoors and outdoors from adverse weather conditions.

Mild Steel Wall Mounted Enclosures

Mild Steel Wall Mounted Enclosure MAD

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Mild Steel Floor Standing Enclosures

Mild Steel Floor Standing Enclosure MCD

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Electrical Console Boxes

Console MPC / MPCS

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Stainless Steel Enclosures

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Enclosures ASR

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Moduler Enclosures

Elsteel Modular Enclosures / DB Panels

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Here are some of the features of our range of mild steel enclosures:

  • Manufactured from metal.
  • Fully welded for extreme rigidity and sturdiness.
  • As mild steel can be manufactured to suit any modern home, it has become a very popular choice in general household garden and indoor furniture.
  • The carbon mild steel electrical enclosure protects the live cabling from any accidents that might happen such as a child or animal playing near it and getting in contact with dangerous electrical current.
  • Fastening bolts around areas on the rear for easy, safe and secure mounting.
  • Fitted with automatic trip-switches in case of contact with water or an interior fault.
  • Water, dust, dirt and wind proof stainless steel electrical enclosures.
  • Powder coated mild steel electrical enclosures for coastal areas.

Previously, enclosures in South Africa were manufactured from wood, with the problem being that, when moisture entered the enclosure, it would stay in the joints and separate the wooden panels, eventually causing total failure of the enclosure.  This is not possible with the mild steel electrical enclosure, as it is totally resistant to moisture and water.

Before the use of mild steel electrical enclosures, there was a further threat of the bolts coming loose due to moisture and the electrical enclosure allowing moisture in but with the design of the mild steel electrical enclosure, the bolts are already welded onto the enclosure itself, making it a much more sturdy connection to the pole, wall or wherever you would need to fasten the mild steel electrical enclosure to.

ATI Systems is proud to be one of the most well known suppliers of  mild steel electrical enclosures in South Africa and by phoning us at (011) 383-8300 or sending an online enquiry you can be sure than you will find the exact type of mild steel electrical enclosure for your needs.


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